City Governor Event in August

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The Great Chicken Theft
A gang of rustlers have stolen the Governors' chicken flocks.
Can you join the search party to find them?
Starting: Friday 21st August at 7.30pm BST/8.30pm CEST/2.30pm EDT. from West Britain Bank
Ending: When all the chickens are returned or 9.00pm BST/10pm CEST/4.00pm EDT at Jhelom Farm

Searchers can collect a pack from the bank containing the list of chickens and their owners together with a bracelet to help them re-capture the birds.
Return them to the appropriate Governor who will be waiting at Jhelom Farm with your reward.
One rule: You must arrive at the farm via the public teleport tile from Jhelom Town. Arrivals by player-cast moongate will be disqualified.
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