Fiction - The Brother August 20th 9PM EDT

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The town historian clutched the small diary to his chest as he made his way through town to the edge of the woods to locate Peggy. The discovery that her husband’s binding to the forest had not truly been broken once their quest to destroy Aphiar had left both Roark and his wife in shock.

The town historian had spent the days since their return cataloging the events of the group of brave individuals that went to seek out the High Wizard and destroy him for the evils he had been plotting not only by his original banishment of Droquam to this far away forest but also in his binding of him so that he could never leave.

Once the wizard had been destroyed, it was tragic that Droquams own brother was still in captivity of the high wizard and it was only after Aphiar’s death that Jospell was made aware of his brother’s demise.

In the fortnight since the group had returned only to find that Roark was still tied to the forest, it has only been now that the historian has gotten through his task of the reenactment and had moved on to look through the diary recovered from that fateful night.

At the very eastern edge of the woods the historian found Peggy and Roark talking over a picnic. “I must admit that I hadn’t thought to look through the diary we had recovered to answer the question as to why this dreadful binding has happened. I thought only to discover the story of the brothers to add to the town library.”

The historian proceeded to inform them that after reading the diary he discovered that it was Jospell that had banished his brother and bound him to the woods here, far from their home. In a fit of rage and jealousy over Droquam being the true apprentice and stronger of the two he had devised a plan to rid his life from the reminder that he was only second best.

The library went on to tell of how Jospell would sabotage his brother’s potions by adding stray ingredients and making them fizzle out. Jospell was in fact boastful of the fact that he was smarter for having thought to get his brother far from the house and keep him from returning and revealing to Aphiar that Droquam himself was the true master.

“So you see… we did not destroy the creator of this binding. All we have done is set him free and alerted him to the fact that we are trying to undo the binding that was cast so long ago.” The historian looked on with sadness as Roark hugged his crying wife.

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