Pac is alive

TimTim Posts: 799
Come on keep talking or people will keep saying we are a dead shard 

( we are really just to busy playing to chat) ;)

yes I'm bored at the moment 


  • BilboBilbo Posts: 2,834
  • SableSable Posts: 242
    Who do you play in-game?
  • TimTim Posts: 799
    The Revelstoke & Mac families  Usually the tamer Al Revelstoke
  • SableSable Posts: 242
    Well met.  I usually play a multitude of T.F characters, but my mains are Dav Stormgleam, Quenria, and Vaneistra.
  • DrisdainDrisdain Posts: 3
    Just came back to the server today. Reopened both accounts. 
    I’m either on a character with the last name Daemonbane or my Other char whose name is Drisdain.
    will be looking to guild up and run some boss fights and such.
  • Lord_FrodoLord_Frodo Posts: 2,313
    All shards are alive no matter what anybody says
  • SableSable Posts: 242
    Oops.  Drisdain I just asked who you play in the other thread.  Do you use general chat?
  • DrisdainDrisdain Posts: 3
    Still configuring things but will look to make sure that channel is open

  • I'm on quite a bit these days.  Been working skills to hit some crawls again with groups!
    Loyal to the Pacific Shard since 1998!
  • "It's alive"... >:) our guild just added a new player (returning) SAGE welcomes (back) Sir Philip..!
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