The Corwyn Library needs YOU!

JepethJepeth Posts: 512
With great pleasure the citizens of Skara Brae can announce the founding of the new public Corwyn Library on mainland Skara Brae in Felucca!

The library sits on the former player-run city of Corwyn in Felucca. We're honored to carry their name and memory forward as we provide public library service to the realm. But we need your help!

We're looking for donations of player written books for circulation. Copies you don't mind giving away are most welcome but if you'd prefer to place your books in a bag with a rune to return them to you that works as well. Please drop the books in the house mailbox.

The Library is at 56 25 S, 33 40 W in Felucca.

For the moment our stacks are not publicly accessible but as soon as I get enough books red leaf sealed I'll start making them available and will make another announcement. In the mean time the books in our special collections room are available to the public with the nine books of the Adamu Edom series on special loan from Governor Violet Darkthorn of Vesper!
special collectionsPNG

It has been awhile since Chesapeake has had a public book library. I hope this place can be something everyone contributes to and enjoys!


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