Shark Week Season 3 August 9th till the 15th - Self Paced Event

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As you know - Shark Week - is starting August 9th.  Please head over to Castle Blackthorn and talk with Stephanie the Shark Biologist to see where these sharks call home.   This is a self paced event and lasts 1 week. Each Shark has coordinates listed when you hover over them.  Write them down in a book and turn them into the Britain Meeting House mailbox for credit.

1. Approach the NPC and say Shark.
2. The last word in the paragraph that is capitalized will be the keyword to say to keep them talking.
3. Get the shark name and clue as where the shark is.
4. Grab your boat and set sail to the location mentioned to find the shark.
Useful information
1. There are 8 shark biologists located at each of the docks that a fish mongers reside.
2. Each biologist has a rare shark for you to locate totaling 8 sharks. 
3. Locations are Fel, Tram, T2A, and Tokuno.   If you are worried about fel you can skip that one and do the other 7 =) 
4. Working as a team will help cover more water.
5. Picture below is what the shark looks like in the water and this is what you are trying to find. 
6. I will be putting the sharks out Saturday night  (August 8th) and turning on the NPC’s,  feel free to start as early as you want on Sunday morning.  Good Luck


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