Hey @Kyronix, Please Give Us The Option To Control Journal Text Color Seperately

Estel_RandirEstel_Randir Posts: 189
edited July 2020 in General Discussions
Kyronix, one of the biggest frustrations for me in UO Classic Client is there are not enough options for controlling text colors. Please add an option to control the color of the journal text independent from all other text. Also, aplease let true black be an option.I want to be able to set my journal text to all one color (preferably black) & then set my on screen text to different colors.

While we are at it, can we get some more  choices for different font types & sizes? Right now the choices are basically between a fat font & a skinny font with few size choices. The current options are not great  for the higher resolutions we are using these days.

I have never understood why the color black is not an option for most things in UO without some special dye item being created.


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