New player in Atlantic shard

UnrealUnreal Posts: 1
Hi I'm a new player and I was wondering if new players like me have a chance on Atlantic Shard. I'm starting from zero, no skill, no gold, no experience. But, there doesn't seem to have any place to build a house and buying something from your vendor at 55 millions for a book with spell or a sword for 250 millions...
So, I wonder if this is a good shard to start with. 


  • NorryNorry Posts: 505
    Yes, there are people who will help you out. Ask for a starter spell book and a cheap 100%lrc suit
  • yes our guild is very small just starting out. but we will be glad to help you.   we play in the evenings almost every night and on weekends. 
  • dvviddvvid Posts: 793
    Join the UO discord server and get in contact with people there
  • HawkHawk Posts: 1
       Every Sunday the Syndicate {LLTS} has a craftsman day at 4 pm. Gates are opened to it at Haven Brit and Luna banks. there you will be able to get a 100% lower reg cost (lrc) suit blue beetle and full spell book or a weapon and shield all for free. great starter set for someone like yourself.
  • @Unreal I wouldnt mind playing with you.  pm me

    @dvvid ; Mind resharing that link?  Im somewhat new as well.  Discord shows that the link expired.  Am looking for people to play with.
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