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I feel this is in poor taste.  EM created mobs. am i over-reacting?


  • While I understand your reaction, for some people it was probably cathartic. 
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    Extremely poor taste. My grandfather has died, I don't think it's something to joke or do an event about. I would hope these EMs get fired, they should know better. I heard of players getting actioned for meme covid-related names... this is far worse. I hope these EMs get canned.
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    Please do not feign offence.
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    While I am sure the Dev concur with your feelings on the matter and the EM's were contrite after they thought about what they have done. I understand your wish to punish but EM's are hard to come by these days, and the training is time consuming.  I am sure they were only trying for a laugh in the mist of this hard time. to have people kill what was on their minds. Simular was done in WW2.  It helped ease the fears of the war.   
    You have many of our simpathy's for your loss.  Death comes to all and it is hard on the living.
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    Ya we found 2 kittens recently, my son said I can't name one Covy.

    But in this case we are killing the offensive names.

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    yes. disgusting.   Saw a player Called Coronavirus and I let them have it, as did others, certainly nothing to joke about.....
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    I find that to be not in the least bit offensive.
  • My aunt died from Covid-19 in May. With that in mind, I take zero offense with this. Bad taste, sure. I don't think the EM should be punished for it though.

    I do think that real life names, situations, politics, etc. should be left out of the game though. Keep things Ultima related/themed.
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    I totally agree Maximus and I bet a lot of us do -- we play this game -or at least a lot of us do - to escape real life and seeing this is only reminding us of the "other world".
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    ... just ...
    ..... no .....

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    That's nothing to be offended about, you should take joy in killing them (and it looks like you took some kind of joy by how you have two pics at halfish life or less) to vent some of the frustrations a lot of people have with Covid-19.
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    Thats hilarious
  • You asked if you were over-reacting.  This is subjective in part.  But, since you were the one who asked all of us, I'll offer an answer: To my mind, yes you are.

    It seems like it's more catharsis than anything.  You were slaying something that has impacted everyone's lives to the negative. And, unless you work in the health care science industry and are assigned to this virus ("this week on Virus Hunters.....Assignment: COVID19!"), fiction is about the only way we can "kill" it (not counting the obvious precautions we all need to take, of course).

    My own main concern would be that it's kind of immersion-breaking/non-RP! But maybe there was some kind of storyline/RP-ish reason for the monster to have such a weird name.  I would have preferred a storyline with a plague -- something like that.  As much as I really, really don't mind that the current GL storylines and global storylines have nothing to do with a disease, such a response would be, to my mind, quite appropriate.  This is what art has always done.  And from the little bit of information you've presented nothing strikes me as belittling or anything like that.
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    I"m currently sitting at home, waiting on Covid 19 test results, and I"m in no way offended. UO has the stupidest players and always will.
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    I"m currently sitting at home, waiting on Covid 19 test results, and I"m in no way offended. UO has the stupidest players and always will.

    If you just stay home and play UO all day, that wouldn't happen.
    Focus on what you can do, not what you can't.
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    Since all you did was say you found it in bad taste, you're not overreacting. (And I agree it is in bad taste.)
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