Minoc Governor

CinderellaCinderella Posts: 1,540
Thank you citizens of Sonoma for allowing me to be governor for the last few years. I decided at the last minute not to run for Governor this term. I know I should have posted sooner, so someone else could run if they chose too. 

I have enjoyed my time in office. One of the most memorable moments was during the 20th invasions, sitting in my office chair while attacking the raiders who were ransacking my office. There were other memorable moments too but this one sticks out for right now. Its a wonderful feeling to sit down in the chair and be welcomed back. Its a memory I will cherish.

I may run for governor again at a later date. I just felt right now that I am too busy. I haven't been playing that much as of late, so I felt it better to let someone else apply for the position. If need be I could take the governorship, just to keep the buff going. But if anyone else would like to take over the care of the city, please speak with King Blackthorn about getting appointed Governor of Minoc. 
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