Selling: Origin 3/27 "Beware Of The Ides Of March" + GL 3/27 "Trophy Of Freitag The Dragon"

OlchOlch Posts: 36
ICQ 1598439 if you have questions thanks.

Beware Of The Ides Of March
Origin 3/27 drop. Wearable sword with amazing two tone color!

Located on Atlantic auction safe (see picture below). Guaranteed to be cheapest on auction safes and will take 5% off if you meet me in game to purchase item.

Trophy Of Freitag The Dragon
Great Lakes 3/27 drop. Very nice wall item and acts as dart board to throw daggers/knives at. Amazing Color! 

Located on Atlantic vendor (see picture below). Guaranteed to be cheapest on vendor search!



  • OlchOlch Posts: 36
    Price drop for both items cheapest on Atlantic. Sword is on Auction safe.
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