Sovereign to gp relationship?

Quite a few people boost their in game bank balance by buying items from uo store with sovereigns and then selling them in game for gold. 
But what is a fair price for those items?  
How much should a player expect to pay? 
Smuggler's edge, sovereign price 400
a pen of wisdom, sovereign price 600
A forged metal of artifacts, sovereign price 1000
Britannian Ship, sovereign price 1200


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    Hey Petra,

    Current Europa prices I know about, Forged Metal of Artifacts going for 52m, so the relationship there is 52m= 1000 sovereigns. So 1 Sovereign = 52k gold there, that's being sold by Psycho who is usually in the market place on prices.

    Pen of Wisdom, Loriel is selling for 30m, so he is pricing at 1 Sovereign = 50k gold.

    Soulstones which are 1000 Sovereigns easily go for 50m to 60m gold, so in the same range as above.

    For wanted items, you are safe at 50k gold per 1 Sovereign, I couldn't comment on a not so popular item though. For example, Loriel is not selling the Pen of Wisdom fast at that price (unless he has hundreds of them!), yet some things, like Forged Metal, or Soulstones everyone is usually after.

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    Using VS on Atl shard roughly gives you 60K per point. Now other shards may not support this and that is why you have a lot of players buying stuff and taking it to the Atl market. 
    Mythic Tokens 2500 sov  150M
    Transfer Tokens 2000 sov 120M
    White Soulstone Tokens 1000 sov 60M
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    I went and checked Atlantic, because this was interesting, and it shows the diversity of Atlantic tbh.

    No Smugglers Edge on Europa, On Atlantic about 5, 2 at 35m, so 87.5k gold per 1 Sovereign. Then a couple were at 80m, then 1 at 99m.

    Forged Metal of Atifacts on Atlantic. 10 for sale, starting at 55m, going up to 80m. The average seems to be 55m on that one, so 55k  gold per 1 Sovereign.

    Soulstones. 12 for sale on Atlantic, Starting at 58m, going up to 72m. Again most at the 58m mark so 58k gold per 1 Sovereign.

    There you go, so on average, Europa is pegged to Atlantic, just a bit cheaper. And you can see the difference between items as well, how useful they are perceived.

    If you were to push me for an almost exact answer, the relationship of 50k gold per 1 sovereign is fairly solid. Of course there are variations depending on supply, demand, shard population, usefulness of the item etc.

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    petra_fyde is Mariah who run forum?
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    I am posting as a player with almost 20 years in game, asking a question that, as a player, I am interested to know the answer of.
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    Fortis said:
    petra_fyde is Mariah who run forum?

    Whatever, even if she is, who cares. She plays the game, is very knowledgeable.

    Everyone complains that the mods and devs dont play the game and have no clue what they are talking about or doing. 

    If she is a Moderator count yourself lucky, follow the rules, and be thankful you've got someone with talent and understanding on board.
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  • Well said Lord Nabin!

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    While I have no clue about Trammel shards I can tell you what the situation on Siege Perilous is like.
    Here the prices have dropped drastically over the last couple of years and usually people take soulstones as a point of reference to determine sovereign value.
    Currently soulstones sell for between 1-2 mil, most around 1.3 - 1.5 mil, so 1300-1500gp per sovereign.
    Ancient sammurai helms you can usually find for 100k - 200k on vendor search, so there it's 1000-2000gp per sovereign.
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    Let's please stay on topic.
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    I love this.  Really.

    1000 sovs = $10 US.   So we establish a gp to sovereign value...

    But if we asked how much gold was worth in cashj, thread would get locked immediately.

    Go figure.
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