Probably got accounts banned

I don't care either.  PLease everyone come enjoy 18 years worth of collections.  There is the former Genesis Library, The ranger of the Abyss house, a museum in Luna, Castle on Ice Island tram , Castle in desert of Compassion tram, Custom castle umm somewhere around Minoc - Vesper area tram.  A Fel Castle in Minoc bowl decorated with 100+ roses whispering and AoS.  There is a historical keep located north of Wrong Dungeon.  That's make eight.  I lost it and I am not sorry.   When a piece of crap cheater throws a friend that is dead IRL in your face.  Why, because you took his room in fan dancers because he was invised AFK SCRIPTING. That is lower than whale dung low.  I have page on his Cu at least ten time during the ToT event.   I am not sorry.  Derick was my friend, he's dead in IRL and cannot defend himself.  Only a scumbag would attack a dead man.  I'm sure Mesanna will pardon him and my accounts will go down like the Titanic.  Still I AM NOT SORRY!  Come enjoy the loot and make sure that piece of scripting crap gets nothing but a butt kicking.


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    you should take you pills before sleeping
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