May Schedule

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Greetings Oceania!

The Event Schedule for May is as follows:

May 10th: Governors Meeting @ 9PM AEDT
May 17th: Fishing Contest @ 9PM AEDT
May 31st: A Miners Dilema @ 9 pm AEDT


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    Greetings EM,

    With regards to the times posted, they are still in daylight saving times (AEDT), we are out of daylight savings now (AEST) and you are probably in it to confuse things even more.

    As with last nights Gov's meeting its causing confusion as people are not sure whether its 8pm or 9pm.

    World time buddy has a handy converter that you might find useful for your many cross continent shennanigans.

    So are you able to please clarrify if these events are to stay as 9pm aedt so we know that it is 8pm aest , or if they are moving to 9pm aest,

    Thanks :)
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    No response I see. *sighs*

    Cheers MissE

    For more info about Angelwood Warehouse Events go to the A.W.E Forum
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    Seems we missed up the times once more.  Event will start in 47 minutes
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