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I was wondering how everyone would feel about these as UO Store items:

The Relics were shard bound so that wouldn't upset anyone's apple cart.   Seriously 99% of the player base missed out on these and would be happy to shell out their hard earned Sovereigns on them.  Please.  My 120 thief was able steal 3 of the 4 relics, which BTW, was from Halloween that same year. 
I have spent 130 MILLION gold on the obelisk set. I do not own the cards or banners.
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    What a biased and self serving poll.  

    What about NO these were obtained via a timed event and I will keep mine in remembrance of that, and perhaps in the future they may be available again at a future event arc.

    Stop asking for stuff to be put in the store.  I for one do NOT want to be forced to buy content as what will eventually happen if this becomes the norm is 'drop rates' on items will be made so 'rare' so they can then be offered up for money in the store .....  no thanks.

    I like what they are doing now with tots and the next round of  invasions, offering up to players the chance to do content again to obtain rewards offered in the past. 

    Cheers MissE

    For more info about Angelwood Warehouse Events go to the A.W.E Forum
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    Please.   We're the ONLY game functioning in this way.   I can go into WoW's store and buy tons of previous rewards.  Tons of games do and it MAKES REVENUE for those games. edited by joint decision of the moderators to comply with forum rules
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    Event items have been a factor of this game since its inception. Many of us keep the objects as reminders of times spent with friends in game. The are souvenirs that hold memories for us to cherish.
    I see no reason to single out this particular set of souvenirs in this way and the removed attacks on developers and other players has lead Rorschach and I to the decision to close the thread.
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