How do you report a vendor / house to a Gm?



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    IF a house Is in question you take the sextant and copy the xyz's and the cords given at that location along with the facet of the shard … ie
    On: Atlantic
    Facet: Fel
    Location: xyz / xyz  50 5 n by 32 22W  (phony setting just for show)
    Now send to 
    Explain in a to the point note why your reporting this location.  Do not expect the Boss to talk to you unless she needs more info.   
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    They use the XY numbers at the bottom left of your screen when you use a Sextant. I tried to lead a dev to a spot and the Longitude Lattitude were useless to them.
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    thankyou, ill try the coords and update on any gm response i get.
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    Send the info directly to Mesanna. Reread @Lady_Storm  post
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    Wouldn't hurt to put the name of the vendor house owner on the report too.

    Cheers MissE

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