Duper Vendor

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So theres a vendor that sells cleanup point items, about 30,000,000 (30 million points) and restocks about every 3 days.

how does everyone feel about this?  is theres any legitimate way you can get 10 million cleanup points a day (if so i would like to know)

if theres not a legit way to get that high of an amount, why arent the items just deleted and the house account actioned? (as well as any linked accounts, as was stated in the recent tos change)


  • SmootSmoot Posts: 387
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    also how does one go about reporting a player house, or vendor.  i only know how to report a character.

    this has been going on for over a year and im getting kinda sick of it.
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    There are items you get 10 to 15k points I think but how someone would have that many seem a little off 
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    I'm inclined to think this is not a topic for general discussion.
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