A Question and Discussion Pertaining to the Item Properties "Mana Burst" and "Healing Burst"

Hello there. I have been aware of the Armor of Virtuous / Villainous epiphany for some time, and recently I have discovered the Armor of Villainous Regeneration from Charybdis (I need that crab...). I've wondered for a long time how exactly these mechanics work. I love gimmicks like this and would adore if I could incorporate them into a character build. Does anyone know how these items work? I have not been able to find much of an explanation online or from anyone in-game.

I'm looking for specific details regarding the properties "Good / Evil Mana Burst" as well as "Set Bonus Frequency". Thank you for your time.


  • They can't be reforged or enhanced, limited imbue weight because non exceptional. Hard to make anything out of them worthwhile sadly.

    But on to what you wanted...

    Set frequency is essentially the level of karma of the wearer.  Ideally you want max negative or positive karma depending on the set.

    iirc, they trigger off taking hits, chance based.

    The mana burst is essentially like the necromancy familiar wisp. Except its kinda random and never seems as strong.  So basically its a little bit of burst mana when you're getting you ass beat.  I really tried to make a set work on one of my characters its just too antiquated.  If it functioned solely like the wisp I'd use it, but the trigger kinda makes it useless.

    The regeneration one kinda speaks for itself.
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    Thank you. It's a bit disappointing that they aren't particularly worthwhile. Maybe they'll update those systems at some point :smiley:
  • Np, I doubt they will get to it.  I get the impression its all about the new and letting the old fade.  All this time and really whats been brought to be in line other than a few things from doom.

    I will say though, you can still do some funny things working with the Bestial set and oddball stuff like clockwork leggings.
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