Poll on Vendor fee...

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Let´s give our EM something to discuss with Mesanna.
It´s time now to lower the fee on the Player placed vendor. 

Lower fee will bring people to offering more and better stuff....
  1. Should the vendor fee been lowered?14 votes
    1. Yes
    2. No


  • CriticalCritical Posts: 17
    Only if VvV arties are added, for the same reasons.
  • EyeEye Posts: 91
    Lowered or not, it should be a standard fee where you can leave the item on the vendor until it sells.

    Same with pet stalls. Would love to see all available through a single menu, being able to sort by pet type, price, etc.
  • the reason it is not the way Eye posted is that then people would abuse vendors and stalls as storage increase. Just put a bag with tons of stuff in them on there for insance prices so they'll never sell and you have increased your house storage or stable slots...
  • CreegerCreeger Posts: 20
    I voted NO, because I just don't see a problem with the way it works now. I have a lot of vendors, and I sell a lot of stuff. The fees aren't a problem so long as your trying to sell stuff people actually want to buy. That's kind of the way retail sales work, you know? 
  • FrejaSPFrejaSP Posts: 18

    That's not true Creeger, my vendors will eat most of my profit if I stock them with most wanted suits.

    Many times, people can't find the items they need, because if it not sell in less a week, you are mot making much profit.

    We have so many items, also crafted home deco, different kind of weapon, jewelry, armor types, etc.

  • BilboBilbo Posts: 2,834
    What @Creeger says is 100% true.  Do not over stock/over price your goods, know your market.
  • CreegerCreeger Posts: 20
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    If I found myself with that problem, Freja, I'd raise my prices.

    The buyer has to pay 100% of the cost plus enough profit to motivate the seller to provide supply.

    That's the only sustainable policy. Otherwise the seller will:
    A ) sell too much stuff, burn out and quit.
    B ) not make enough gold to be worth the trouble, get board and quit.

    Notice that both equal no fun for the seller, and end with no supply for the buyer.

    I'm sure there are lots of ways to go about it, but this is how I set my prices:

    I figure/guess the value of the materials I'm going to use, multiply that by 2 (because if I can't add value to the materials with my labor, I should just sell the materials!), then add 1 month worth of vendor fee.

    Then I date everything I put on my vendors. If I see something isn't selling within a month, I drop it from my inventory, or , if it's something I really just want to have on the vendor for theme purposes, I raise the price by another months worth of vendor fee.    
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