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This sad news was brought to us by Duke Winter.  I'm copying his post here.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I come to you tonight with some very sad news. This afternoon I received a message from my best friend, who along with his sister, Vivian, are two of Kahlan's best real life friends.

Stanley, Vivian's brother, was informed this morning by Scott (Jessica's common-law husband/boyfriend) that Jessica (Kahlan) passed away in her sleep last night. I understand how difficult this will be for the community to hear.

Kahlan was a huge part of this community, and the game as a whole. She loved the people she loved whole heartily. She loved her shard dearly. And she loved this game more than words can express.

If you have any questions, please direct them to Lady Candy of R3.

Thank you.

For myself, Kahlan was a friend and an alliance mate, the pillar of the RP Alliance along with Capricorn.  When i think of her, it was her generosity and willingness to help anyone that needed it that stands front and center in my mind.  I am hoping her spirit is in-game right now and enjoying herself as she always did.  Miss you Kahlan.


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    That is sad news, and my thoughts and prayers go out to her friends and family. That Kahlan-sized hole on Pac really hurts. She really was one of the best. 
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    Very sad to lose any player, especially one so involved. My thoughts are with her, her friends, and her family.
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    Spoke to her a couple times after I moved to Pac. 
    My thoughts go to her family and loved ones.
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    I send my deepest condolences. I did not know Kahlan personally but I've heard good things about her while serving as the Event Moderator on Pacific. She will be deeply missed.
  • I knew her only a little bit but she was absolutely wonderful the few times I met her.  My condolences to her loved ones.
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    I recently came back to the game... immediately tried to contact her on ICQ and was lost as to why there was no reply.  This is very sad news indeed.
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    Kahlan's Memorial Shrine next to the auction house at the crossroads.
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