Can the uo team actually dedicate some time to the pvp community.



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    Great input @CielMistral. Let’s see what others have for input! 
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    Just throwing out some ideas and a few players' suggestions I can agree with.

    Templates:  Most end up having to play the same "trendy" template due to the lack in useful skills and spells available to build based on playstyles.  Mages are limited because they need 120 Parry which makes damage output weak alone.  Inscription added bonus spell damage will help fix this.  Bring back -mage weapon templates with 60 DCI

    Suits:  It becomes frustrating spending time to search for the same hard to find armor and jewelry that majority look for to build off these templates we feel limited to.  Maybe, could make legendary drops more available, otherwise revert back to when imbued suits worked just fine. 

    VVV:  The old faction system was better but maybe compromise a way to combine VVV and old factions to make it more rewarding.  Add cool color mounts like shadow and white to match our gear, sweet little player trophy drops for killing a certain amount of faction players?  

    Deadly Poison:  I've personally gone through 20+ cure pots to remove one of these way too often.  Maybe lessen the stick.

    Dismounts:  These hit way too often making it almost impossible to survive ganks.  Cool down needs increase.

    I'm sure I've left some things out but these are what come to mind.
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    Dismount is the only way to kill some people because their non official client speed is so fast.

    I could find videos where i miss with the last PAINSPIKE spell because the target has run out of range... in the time it takes to cast that spell..

    There has never been a period of so many varied templates. 
    I tell you the truth, tis better to do 10 damage on the right target than 100 damage on the wrong target.

    Breaking in the young since 2002

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    PvP has never been so imbalanced as it is now.  Most players that started coming to Fel more is because they made PvP more Trammel user friendly. 

    Veteran players have quit or taking breaks because of the lack in skillful competition and even group fights.  Most of us aren't interested in fighting the same troll 20 person, zerg guild or dungeon grinding for hours a day.

    PvP needs to be more versatile, we need variety in play styles and templates to keep it exciting instead of watching the same people gank 20v2 over and over again.
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    Evasion nerf was effective.  In the last three days we've gotten about six kills on a sync that just tore right through a fresh evade.

    Template choice is very diverse.  I spend about 70% of my time on a char with no parry.  

    The one glaring thing that needs to be fixed is teleport jewelry.  The 2 second timer before cursor didn't really do much.  They need to be frozen during that two seconds, but leave it uninterruptible.  Just like magic wands, when you're casting something from an item use you should be frozen.  

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    -mage weapon templates with 60 DCI can be nice if its without parry
    -remove parry from the restriction list of pure mage and raise the sdi to 30 for pure .right now the pure mage cannot compete 
    -boost necro spell strangle need to hit harder 
    -boost the healing for spirit speak
    -increase the drop rate for the high end gear .
    -boost the loot from the spawn boss and even more for the  harry the boss of the boss.
    -rework the  blue flagging blue vvv should ave murder record ,no more gank without any repercussion
    -in vvv town all non vvv should be kick ,no more troll
    -make fel town having the same town buff of trammel side ,easy fix for the red
    -boots the bonus for inscription ,2 3 point bonus for 100 skill its not adecquate
    --remove the timer on supernova 
    -make fire field hit harder ,its can be nice to ave more option
    -make its you get dismount by a no dachi you just ave to heal the damage from the dismount not all damage that came after 
    -make for land a dismount harder ,its just to easy to foot someone
    -make healing heal and remove bleed in same time after a splintering .its free hit spell ,that cost 0 mana and its can block all the healing
    -add new stuff in vvv horse color ,new dye  and new artifact .
    -weapons special need a rework its not normal that a wooden weapons (bokuto) hit fast ,hard ,para and cost barely nothing in mana

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    I’ve recently returned to OSI after a 10 yr stint away.. so still learning a lot of the new stuff.

    I think template diversity isn’t an issue, I think that there is so little drive to force fights at different locations which results in the majority of fights taking place at Yew Gate - which is boring af and ends up narrowing the template choice as to what’s effective for those particular types of fights.

    Potentially By using VvV and combining it with a faction style set up then fights could be force to areas where different templates have strengths. Perhaps incorporating some sort of bonus for places held at certain battle times to drive this activity and an actual reward.

    Dungeon fights were always what I’ve enjoyed most, however people can farm on any shard and simply transfer the scrolls. I appreciate masteries are shard bound but perhaps it would be worth considering power scrolls? Buffing other loot packs from champs/Harry’s to incentivise del based activity?

    Agree that poisoning is broken, being able to LP spam and the shitty cure rate is annoying af.

    Survivability in general nowadays is too easy, I’m not sure exactly what the answer is.. however certain offensive aspects of templates need to be buffed to accommodate for all this new stuff to stay alive. Poor positioning seems to not be punished half as badly as it should be.

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