Catskills: Skara Brae Ranger's Expedition: Shame 3/29/18 8PM EST

OkamiOkami Posts: 62
The Skara Brae Rangers guild will be holding an expedition into the dungeon Shame in Trammel this Thursday! The intent is to locate a missing item of importance, but also to help gather funds to continue the restoration effort for the city!

Any can feel free to come assist, as long as they mean no harm to their fellow person.

((OOC: This is an RP event for anyone that wants to roleplay a dungeon expedition. Expect IC banter and maybe the shame dungeon loot generator will be nice to you!))


  • OkamiOkami Posts: 62
    Update: I forgot a minor detail. The plan is to gather at the Skara Brae community center. Departure at 8. If you're interested in RP and backstory, I will attempt to be there at 7:30 EST.
  • OkamiOkami Posts: 62
    The expedition was a success! Thanks to everyone that came out!

    There may be future expeditions so watch for these notices!

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