Hey Devs, Hiding and Rewards..



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    Theo said:
    The AFK stuff doesn't really bother me. I actually like the unattended tamers because I grab the loot from their kills to unravel.    What I really would have liked to have seen is adding Leuro's mempo as a turn in reward.   Thats the only thing worth doing this event for is the mempo and it requires you to mind numbingly kill things until you get a drop.  If 10 minors got you one - this event would be a non-issue for the AFKers.  Everyone could get one. 
    10 minors for a Leurocian's seems a little low. How about a new level. 10 majors get you a choice of any of the drops including the name on the Ancient Urn or Honorable Swords so we can complete our sets? 

    PS Anyone know were there is a list of all the posable names?
  • FortisFortis Posts: 410

    still over a month to this event maybe couples more so probably mempo will drop at what 20 mil maybe less so no worry, no rush to get it...it s the only item with a value ...let them farm like crazy it will reduce the price each day

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    on Atlantic they are trading Mempos for Armor of Fortune that used to be 500k.  Everyone wants a luck suit to go with their Mempos.
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