Magery Mastery on Pets

I currently have a mare with armor ignore, magery and dragons breath. I want to get the mage mastery on the pet because it is only one point. Is it worth it or should I keep regular magery and use rest of the points in mana?


  • NorryNorry Posts: 513
    It allows the pet to teleport, but it will also cast buffs on itself that can lower its resists. It will cast the ray, but might stop before damage tics
  • ezikelezikel Posts: 89
    dont do this its bugged and its going to make your pet useless.the death ray are broken and you pet going to block doing doing death ray
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    Magery Mastery is pretty bugged for pets. The pet will cast Bless on it's opponent, will Arch Cure it's opponent when the pet itself is poisoned, and will cast Magic Reflection which lowers it's Physical Resist (the most common damage type) while increasing it's Elemental Resists. The pet will also attempt to channel Death Ray, which is highly ineffective for them due to any damage taken interrupting the Death Ray channel (therefore sucking down Mana hard), and even when it does successfully channel Death Ray, it stops melee attacking during the channel, which ultimately means a damage loss.

    Magery Mastery does come with some cool spellcasting AI improvements though. The pet will cast offensive spells that target the opponent's weakest Resists, alternating between Explosion and either FS, E-Bolt, or MB (depending upon opponent's Resists). The pet will also alternate between low cost spells like Lightning/Fireball/Harm/Magic Arrow (once again based on opponent's Resists) while low on Mana, and also attempt to Mana Vampire some Mana back. The pet also LOVES to Teleport to it's target.

    Ultimately, Magery Mastery for pets is held back by the bugs, and how it fails to compete with Chiv+AI in terms of damage output (especially once the pet runs low on Mana, which happens to all MM pets, even a Serpentine Dragon with 1,039 INT/1,500 Mana/30 MR/120 Magery/120 Eval/120 Med/120 Focus).

    Necromancy and Necromage pets have some bugs too, such as casting Conduit, but none of their single target Necro spells chain off of it.

    @Kyronix I suggest that not only should the bugs be fixed, but Magery Mastery should be enhanced even further. Give MM pets some AoE capability with spells like Mass Curse (WWs used to cast this back in the day), Chain Lightning and Meteor Swarm.
    Give MM pets more Mana sustain, such as Ethereal Burst (this would actually incentivize pumping max Mana, since the more max Mana the pet has the more useful this spell would be), some innate Soul Charge (Mysticism could also get this), or just have MM ramp up the innate mana regen rate. Give Necromancy and Necromage some Wraith Form-like Mana Leech ability with spells.
    Magery Mastery, Necromancy, Necromage, and Mysticism, should have their damage output greatly increased for pets. I left off Spellweaving, because of WoD.
  • ezikelezikel Posts: 89
    that will be nice a rework for the magic class .but if they ave on things they can star with its removing the death ray.
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