I was told to notify this group lost ship during server crash

I was on the Corgul Island and when the server came back up the ship was unrecoverable 1700 in sovereigns 200m to replace the pumpkin cannons 

I had no lighthouse ( i recently got one for 65 million from VS)


  • So server crashes and I lose content I purchased from the UO store and thats it you all will do NOTHING? REALLY?
  • Lord_FrodoLord_Frodo Posts: 1,343
    A revert goes back to the last valid save of the server.  Any items gotten from save to crash will be lost, if you bought the item from the UO Store during that time then the Sov. should be back in your account as if you never spent them.  You ship is where it was when the last save was done.  Was your ship at sea at the time the save was done?  If not then you need to look ln the last place it was stored.
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