Mysterious Fragments going forward

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Since they the Mysterious Fragments were introduced some months back treasurehunters around the globe has dug for them found a lot.
Actually 8 of them spawn in just one T-chest. For now the only usage is the shrine wars, but with only one tabard pr char the activity has dabbed of significantly. Basically everyone got their tabard, and the shrine wars is hardly done anymore.  So that leaves us with a lot of Mysterious Fragments.
There should be some alternative use of the Mysterious Fragments. Most probably have some leftover fragments that is just sitting there, taking up space. The fragments are perfectly aligned with the 8 virtues, one color for each virtue, perfect for future content.

So post your suggestions here of what to use Mysterious fragments for, any sugestions is welcome :)

after all.....well it is mysterious indeed...

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  • Petra_FydePetra_Fyde Posts: 1,266
    I had started turning them in for clean up points, because, as you have said, all my alliance mates had got their tabards.
    A significant number of people have recently logged in who haven't played for some months, or even years, finding themselves with unexpected time on their hands. So I am currently collecting them again. I've also just shipped 240 fragments (30 per shrine) to Drachenfels because friends who had got them on Europa now want to repeat the process with less often used characters there. 
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    Stone gm magery and you can delete useless toons and get another tabard every 7 days.
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