Britain ship disappears during last nights server crash

BruceBannerBruceBanner Posts: 12
edited April 2020 in Atlantic
I was on the Corgul Island and when the server came back up the ship was unrecoverable 1700 in sovereigns 200m to replace the pumpkin cannons 3 hours of my valuable time


  • MariahMariah Posts: 2,319Moderator
    If the server crashed, there was a revert? If yes, where were you before you were at Corgul's Island? 
    Is there a slight chance your ship was in dry dock at the point the server reverted to?
  • no chance it has been deployed since day one
  • I had no lighthouse ( i recently got one for 65 million from VS) when it worked .. took 3 hours to get it to register my search string . (lighthouse)
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