Seeking Old Friends

DashDash Posts: 8
Hey all. I played UO for a very long time on Cats (from the beginning through about 2012) and have been away since then. Trying to find old friends and acquaintances that may still be playing. The characters I played the most are Chase (Red swords), Dashiel (necro-mage), Luccino (necro-weaver). I just rejoined the game this weekend and have spent hours searching with very little success. Anyone still playing (Lace, Diesel, Korthos, Tron, Anne Nomilly, Aspen, Malaki, etc)? Way too many to name! If so I'd love to meet up in game and catch up.


  • RanthirRanthir Posts: 3
    Hi, Dash! I'm not sure your characters ring any bells but I've also played since 1998 on Cats. We've got a budding community going, some old players as well, and we play mostly in Trinsic -- come check it out (there's a council meeting there tomorrow, April 3rd, at 8 EST, so come join!)
  • I asked and Lalahai isn't playing atm and Lace is in that ICQ group I added you to she also has the Luna Library I can show ou if you message me next time you areon
  • Hello, Dash!
    Welcome back to UO!  I was around for many years, almost from the beginning, and left for about 6 or 7 years.  I have been back about 2 or 3 years now.  I live next door to Lace in Felucca.  I know that she has been indisposed for a bit, but she is still around.  Tron is around, too.  I am part of their BPT guild.  If you come in game, shout out for me in gen chat, and we can meet.  I can help fill  you in on some of the newest things.  Again, welcome back!

  • Dash it looks like Lace's accounts are still active i have not been to bear point yet but her luna houses are still up. Korthos as far as i know is no longer playing this or wow but he is married and has a kid which is still wild to me considering he was the youngest of the group of Capital Punishment guys. Diesel, Canada, and his brother i lost contact with after they stopped playing WoW. If you forgot who i am I played characters SoulSyphon, Mickhel, Roy as the mains but i actually still have pictures at home of you and the gang of us hanging out killin people.
  • as a matter of fact this is how we met
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