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This is an idea.  Please do not bring up rares or the value thereof I think that this is someone that quite literally strangle the life out of UO.    With that here is my idea :     What if Mesanna made the event recipes obtainable by turning in Bulk Order deeds, or as permanent  quest rewards.  Also the I think the wanderer music box gear would be a awesome Bulk Order Deed reward for tinkers.  I'm going just start with these. I am happy to hear other ideas, just don't start about the rares.


  • SkettSkett Posts: 581
    I feel the same recipes should Never be a one time opportunity item just seem insanely wrong that crafters can’t obtain all recipes in one way or the other 
    I’m on a small shard and can’t find the limit event recipes at all nor do I want to have to bank sit for days asking for someone to make may legendary craft an item that we should be able to obtain if we put the effort into it

    either way it’s not like those are rares as in value

    crafters are one of the best part of this game imho   It seems now that to bad if your not there at the right time you can’t never make the newer crafter able items 

    hugely discouraging   
  • NikardNikard Posts: 164
    Imagine the game if you could just say "-give xxx" and the item/recipe/rare would appear in your bag. [I am using an extreme example for my point.]

    This would completely invalidate the special nature of any item/reward. Items come back sometimes and other times dont, but it should be remembered that without a certain degree of difficulty and/or rarity, these special items would lose all significance.

    @Skett There are many ways to acquire such recipes, for instance you could make a post on stratics that you a looking for an item on your server. You may come across someone who has one, or perhaps even a trader from another server that would happily bring you one. If you need help finding something specific feel free to message me and I will try to help you find it :)
  • SkettSkett Posts: 581
    Thank you I’ll pm you 
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