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I am just starting out playing Ultima Online.

I downloaded the Classic UO Client, and I am wondering which shard to pick. I am from Europe, but I think Atlantic is the best shard to roll on, because of the population. Is this true?

Could someone also help me make a newbie friendly build just to make money starting out? 



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    Hi, and welcome to Ultima Online!

    Before you choose Atlantic, how good is your connectivity there?  I know mine from USA to the European shards is mediocre at best.  Slow and dropped packets is an issue on its own, but compound that with the very high level of environmental updates your client gets due to population density, and it won't be pleasant.

    To test, make a character on Atlantic.  Take a moongate to Malas/Luna and walk around the city on the road with all the vendors.  Admittedly this is a worst-case condition, but if you ever get involved in an event with lots of players, expect something similar.  I hope I'm wrong, and your connectivity with Atlantic will be great.  Otherwise start out on a European server.  I don't know which is the busiest, though.

    Also, this is not a final decision you are making.  A paid account can have 6 characters on every server.    Even the Eternal Journey free account allows 2/server and can be upgraded to a full subscription any time.
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    Come to Europa! We’re (mostly) very nice, and we can swear in 44 languages - or we’re learning to!
    There’s a daily meeting at West Brit Bank between 6-7 GMT to hang around and have a chat, ask questions, enjoy an ale, etc. 
    Make a char on both Atl and Eu and see which you prefer.
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    You can also try a visit to Catskills. We have a growing European group of role players joining in with the vibrant RP community. And the EM contributes and works with the RP community while balancing with those who don't role play. :)

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    Follow Kirthag. You will have a ton of fun. :-) Few I know handle community events and engagement better. 
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    Hey guys,

    I'll check my ping on those servers.

    Anyone any ideas on a good starter build to try out? I was told Sampire was really good, but read a guide saying it's really difficult as a new player.

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    I would suggest Catskills also.  We have a net toss every Wednesday night where you can get some great artifacts to help you survive.
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    This section of the wiki will have some useful advice for you.

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    Welcome back! Catskills is a great shard, good people. I often play there. If you decide to play there and need anything, just shout!
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    Izahl said:
    Anyone any ideas on a good starter build to try out? I was told Sampire was really good, but read a guide saying it's really difficult as a new player.

    If you like fighting monsters (there is lots more to do in this game) either a paladin or a mage are good starting choices.  A paladin uses warrior magic, Chivalry, to heal/cure/rez as well as increase damage and accuracy.

    Paladin: <weapon>, Tactics, Chivalry, Focus
    This base leaves room for 2 or 3 more skills, such as Bushido and Parry, Music and Discord, etc.

    If you go the Bushido/Parry route, you will also be a Samurai, able to parry blows without a using a shield.  You also gain a number of melee abilities which will give you quite a few options in battle.  A Samurai can forego Chivalry and Focus, choosing the non-mana, non-interruptable Healing and Anatomy instead.  The Healing skill offers healing/poison cure/resurrection.  In addition to improving Healing, Anatomy also raises your weapon damage.  The only mana you will need is the relatively small amounts used by Bushido moves and eventually the special moves every weapon gains at 70 and 90 skill level.  Also, <weapon> + Parry + Bushido skill levels add together in a manner which reduces the mana cost of special moves.  When the total is greater or equal to 200, they are 5 mana cheaper.  >= 300, they are 10 mana cheaper.  In summary, but reducing mana needs to a minimum, your character can have low intelligence and higher dexterity (speed) and strength (damage and hit points). 

    Mage: Magery, Evaluate Intelligence, Meditation, inscription, Resist Magic
    This base leaves room for 1 or 2 more skills.  Also, neither Inscription nor Resist Magic are vital, but both are useful on the battlefield.  Inscription because it further buffs spell damage over what Eval Int is doing, and Resist to lessen the effects of curses and being poisoned.  Inscription is also a craft skill which lets you make scrolls and, eventually, high-end spellbooks.

    An additional skill to buff your defense against non-magical attacks is Anatomy.  The combo of Eval+Anatomy work together to provide the defense offered by Wrestling.  And 120 Eval + 100 Anatomy provides the same protection as 120 Wrestling.  You could forego Inscription and add another magic type, Mysticism and its buff skill Focus.  Spellweaving is also nice, but not the best choice for new players.

    Note that skills tend to come in sets, the main skill and a buff skill.  There are exceptions, but most major skills have an important side skill.  Players can build up to 100 in any skill.  Later on, power scrolls might become available, allowing many skills to go up to 120.  So you might see the generalized abbreviations "7x" (7 times grandmaster (100)) or "6x" (6 times legendary (120)).  Some skills are quite useful below 100 level, so there is a huge variety of useful and fun templates.
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    @Izahl Sampires are quite easy to make for farming basic stuff likes mobs, much more difficult/expensive to get to the 'solo anything' level. I recommend either a mystic spellweaving mage or a tamer mage to start, both are good in wide variety of sitations and work well in groups for high end content. Let us know what server you decide on! :)
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    If you are on Catskills... please send a message, Thank you!
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