crafted Golems and gadgetry table Golems

Has anyone compared the two types of Golems -- maybe have them fight each other?  The patch notes refer to the gadgetry table (GT) Golems as "advanced", but I'm not sure that means more powerful.  In fairness the crafted ones should be more powerful.  You have to work for them instead of just clicking a table.

I took my GT Golem for a short hunt.  The only monsters that spawn in my house's vicinity are Crystal Elementals.  I found one, and GTG took care of it easily.  I didn't even see it take any damage.  Of course the elemental was aggroed on me, so it may have just totally ignored the Golem.

My tinker tried to use Animal Lore on her new gadgetry table Golem, but at her level (20) it said she can only lore tamed animals.  Can they (either type) be lored at all?  (I don't have a tamer on this shard.)

Can one have a Golem bond with you?  I tried to feed mine an ingot, but was informed it had no storage.  But I stabled the Golem anyway in the hopes it will bond in a week.  If it dies, can it be even be repaired?  For a GT Golem, I can just get a new one every day, but crafted Golems take resources to build and it would be inconvenient to have to gather them each time a crafted Golem dies.

The reason I started researching this today was another thread suggested a non-fighting imbuer could use pets like golems to gain loyalty with the Gargoyle Queen.  My Imbuer is not a tinker, so to get the most powerful GT Golem possible, should my tinker make it and transfer to the imbuer?  It would be a 2-step transfer because the characters are on the same account.  My hoped for goal will be for my Imbuer to take the Golem to Ter Mur and kill Toxic Sliths and other critters.  How well should I expect the Golem to fair against them and even harder overland critters?

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    Advanced Golems spawned by a Gadetry Table have their stats influenced by the Tinkering skill of the char that spawned them (and are more powerful than regular crafted Golems). Advanced Golems can't be transferred, last i checked. The most powerful type of Golem, is the Kotl Automaton which requires BOD Reward items to create, and can only be controlled by GM Tinkers. Kotl Automatons are the only type of Golem that can bond to their creator, and be "resurrected" (rebuilt) when they die.

    There's also craftable mechanical Vollems, which are identical to Nightmares in terms of stats, but the mechanical ones don't bond. You can get a living Vollem (Vollem Held in Crystal) for 500k Points from the Cleanup system. That Vollem bonds and can be healed via spells (unlike the mechanical Vollem).

    If your Imbuer also has Mysticism, then you can summon Rising Colossus to deal with Toxic Sliths. Both Imbuing and/or Focus act as modifiers for Mysticism skill.
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    @PlayerSkillFTW Thank you for the info.  My tinker is GM, and my carpenter/bowyer craftsman has 50 tinkering.  Hopefully that will provide some enhancement.  My Gargoyle imbuer just uses his racial 30 mysticism, mainly for Enchant.  He is not GM yet in anything except Imbuing, but has a warrior template (Throwing, Tactics, Healing, Anatomy, Resist, and Imbuing).  Leftover points will go to Focus.

    After my OP, I took him hunting in Ter Mur, with his Throwing at about 72 skill.  Although not quick, I discovered he can easily handle low-end void critters like relanards.  He also had no actual problem with high plains boura, but that took a while.  It turned out toxic sliths are not a problem, not one at a time, anyway.  They go down faster than I expected.  So when he does get his golem, he'll be able to fight alongside it.
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  • Toxic Sliths are also vulnerable to Reptile Slayer and most elemental Damage (asides from Poison), so you could easily kill them with a Valorite Reptile Slayer throwing wep. High Plains Bouras are weak to Bovine Slayer (which can be found on Talismans) and Fire/Energy damage. The Boura Pelts from High Plains Bouras is also useful for imbuing Resists onto armor.

    The Acid Slug pit at the entrance of the Underworld is a good place to train Throwing from 55-105, and Tactics from 25-75.
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    Thanks again, @PlayerSkillFTW .

    One of the bullet points concerning the GT Golem is:
    • Having the tinker skill will assist making the golem more powerful
    Does anyone know if Tinkering skill is only significant during creation, or while using the Golem as a pet?  If it only matters at creation, I can temporarily transfer Tinkering to my Gargoyle, create the Golem, and transfer the skill back.  If Tinkering matters while controlling the Golem, then it doesn't make sense to bother with that.

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    I’m pretty sure to keep the golems health up while fighting you have to be a tinker kinda of like vet 
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    *wonders if a tinker repair deed used by a non-tinker would work*
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    I think you have to stand next to them and repair with tinkering skill.  I never took one to a tinker shop and tried to repair them with a deed tho.
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    I had a tamer friend compare the info from two GT golems.  One made by a character with GM tinkering and the other by a char with 50 tinkering.  Here are the stats:
                         100 Tink   50 Tink
    Hits                   591        191
    Stamina                125         75
    Mana                   190        128
    Strength               591        191
    Dexterity              125         75
    Intelligence           198        128
    Barding Difficulty       ?          ?
    Hit Point Regen          ?          ?
    Stamina Regen            ?          ?
    Mana Regen               ?          ?
    Physical Resist         52         51
    Fire                    57         63
    Cold                    24         22
    Poison                  82         87
    Energy                  39         42
    Physical Dmg             ?          ?
    Base Damage              ?          ?
    Wrestling              100        100
    Tactics                100        100
    Resisting Spells       190        190
    Anatomy                100        100
    Parrying               100        100
    Focus                    ?        100
    Bushido                  0        100
    Pet Slots                3          3
    (Sorry for the question marks.  I didn't explain to my tamer friend what I planned on doing with the information, and now I see he skipped stuff he didn't think was important.)

    The one made by the GM Tinkerer is clearly superior, except, curiously for resists.  I'm guessing those values are random within certain bounds, and the skill of the Tinker doesn't matter for those. Both of them have a lot of intelligence, but I don't know why.  They both have Parry, but only the GM one also has Bushido.  I hope this means they can parry blows, and that the GM one can use some of the Bushido stances and skills.  I haven't observed it honor a foe, though.

    My carpenter, owner of the "50 Golem", is trainng his Tinkering to 75.  When he gets there, I'll do another post.  It will include stats on a plain 75 Golem, and a 75+ Golem made while wearing a Tinkering Talisman.  Since the above Golems were created weeks ago, I cannot remember if my guys were wearing Tinkering Talismans at the time.

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    I just made a tinker bard, hopeing to try the blackrock kotl golem at an event, using disco mastery to pump up damage with pet.

    Will have to keep lots of ingots on me, but an instabond golem should be fun.
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    Norry said:
    I just made a tinker bard, hopeing to try the blackrock kotl golem at an event, using disco mastery to pump up damage with pet.

    Will have to keep lots of ingots on me, but an instabond golem should be fun.

    Let us know how it works, I am interested in this as well.
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    @Norry Good luck!
    Rock (formerly Imperterritus VXt, Baja)
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    ok, the turnin points one isnt good for taking to other shards. need 75 blackrock when it dies, and it will. then continues to take up slots. so going with normal kotl one after this. damage is okish, but with super high defense of em event mobs, my disco song only does like 9 damage a tick, but it is lots of ticks :)
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    Any update? Also can u still heal golems with gift of renewal?
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    Gift of renewl, no.

    Bard songs (not sure, his hp regen shows 0, but he healed 9 damage fast, sometimes i couldnt repair because he had no damage)
    So soft no.

    The tinker BOD blackrock golem requires 75 bkackrock to ressurect. Currently i cannot find it on GL, and i dont know if crystaline bkack rock works. If someone can test that, awesome.

    1 ingot to repair, takes longer than vet. You can set tools to repair only, and make it faster.

    Normal kotl golems just take 75 of the ingot used to make them to res, so i will be going that route.

    Otherwise, any idea how to get rid of a broken head i cant repair? Makes me keep the follower slots even if its in my bank box.
    Tried filling up with items, ended up with 129 items in my bag and the head .

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    as an update, crystaline blackrock does not work
  • NorryNorry Posts: 515
    ok another bug
    @Kyronix if you have 75 small blackrock to repair the golem in your bag, but not ingots, the repair eats the blackrock, and then fails becuase you don't have ingots. 
    that is a major low blow. 
    Someone on GL came to my rescue, but yeah. that one sucked. can we please work on that so it checks like a recipe does for all resources needed before makeing the repair attempt?
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