Let me be the first to say helllllloooooooo!

PooPoo Posts: 41
first day of the new forums, thought id come in and enjoy some of the new car smell!


  • Howdy!
  • DrakelordDrakelord Posts: 1,743
    Hey guys!  *looks around smell the fresh paint*  
    Remove Trap = Bad News
    Treasure Hunters
  • You know they made you change Poo in game to Grand Poobah. Should we take an over/under on how long it takes here?
  • KHANKHAN Posts: 510
    Sonoma, we are "small", BUT bigger than people realize, AND we are FEISTY! 
    If you sell UO items for R.L. $$$, you need to quit playing UO , and get a BETTER R.L. JOB!
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  • CinderellaCinderella Posts: 1,701
    Hi *waves*. Sonoma is such a great community.
  • RizariumRizarium Posts: 4

    Poo do you play anymore?

  • EM XanthusEM Xanthus Posts: 73Event Moderator
    Hello and welcome to the uo Sonoma forums!
  • SwiftySwifty Posts: 3
    Hello Sonoma , Hello Em Xanthus
  • PooPoo Posts: 41
    Rizarium said:

    Poo do you play anymore?

    i think the question should be 'do i play any less!'

    and yes, i still play, every night.
    well almost every night.
    most nights.
    and some afternoons.
    but mostly nights.

    but yes.
    the answer is yes.

  • XareXare Posts: 124
    Liar. Last time you had a YAD character logged in was a while ago  
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