My wishlist for UO for 2018 or later

I already postet this on stratics, but I think its a good idea to repost it here :-)

These are things I would like to be implemented or changed. I also divided it in 3 parts.
1. Hopefully easy to fulfill
2. Doable, but will take some time
3. Hard to fulfill and/or probably not being implemented/changed


- Stop Rising Colossus and Nether Cyclone fizzle with 120 Mysticism
- Let us be able to buy 500 of items like reagents or blank scrolls with an instant restock instead of 20 and waiting them to restock with the double amount. There are already items that work that way and i dont see a reason why we should wait a long time to buy a bigger amount.
- Timers on keys for Bosses turned off
- Turn for keys, so you can turn in 2 of the ones you have too much and get the one you need.
- Alphabetical sort in books (Powerscroll, Transcendence, Alacrity, Bod)
- Different colors for Enemy of One and VvV enemies. (atm both are orange)
- Longer duration of boat paints
- Cast time of Blade Spirit (takes alot more than other level 5 spells)
- Revert the ressoruces (Wood/Iron) to be in static locations instead of random ones.
- I would like to have a hitching post at Shadowguard, cause I like to change pets alot there.
- Let a character only use a royal forged pardon once or completely remove it.
- Let every participant at the Dragon Turtle spawn get an egg. (Its the only way to get one and this would make it a little easier to see better Dragon Turtle Hatchlings in game if anone would use it then.
- Give the Dragon Turtle more items to loot.
- Give the Ankh pendant also a 24 hour duration instead of 1 hour.
- Give masteries like Warcry a little smaller cooldown.
- Sugar Canes should produce seeds or there should be another way to get them because you need alot of sugar for Bods.
- Fey Slayer Cameo Drop at Shadowguard
- Disable being able to get a lesser, greater, major, legendary loot arty instead of a Doom arty.
- If a quest giver can give you more than one quest, let us be able to choose.
- Allow every pet to get to 5 slots. This would bring even more different pets to fights and I dont see an imbalance a 5 slot cat or dog can bring.


- Lets us move rune positions in a runebook or at least runic atlas.
- More stackables
- Virtue overhaul maybe with extra bonus to have all virtue on knight level. (barely anyone uses Humility virtue cause its hard to get up. Most people kill their own red chars for Justice cause you can hardly find any red.)
- Shadowguard drops for gargoyles. At least those which cant be altered.
- Let us be able to craft more than one item of consumables (Potions, Enchanted Apples, stuff for cannon firing etc.)
- Loot overhaul for alot of bosses (Harrower, Carybdis, Peerless, Champ Bosses)
- MiB loot overhaul
- Dont let champ monsters spawn in unreachable areas (Destard, Ice East in the central mountains)
- Dont let flying champ monsters spawn on water
- Dont let the Ararat crabs attack other players
- Make crab fishing a little easier
- Make fishing baits way more effective
- Make it easier to get good dexxer loot. Atm its quite easy to get good loot for mage chracters, but way harder for dexxer characters.
- Vesper Zoo overhaul
- VvV overhaul
- Idoc system over haul
- Let you only get charged for an item in a vendor once when sold
- Lets be able to craft/reforge items with more than 5/6 mods. Maybe only for armor parts, because weapons might get too powerful.
- Remove the jumping back of the Dark Father. Fighting more than 1 Dark Father at group events always end in a chaos and frustration for alot of people the way it is.
- Disable the yellow state of the Flesh Renderer where it cant be attacked. Its just a waste of time.
- Give us more Tinker/Carpenter/Insciption large Bods or shorten the list of small Bods not used for large ones. Because there are so many different small Bods its quite hard the get ones for the large Bods.
- I would like to see more different colored pets
- A way to see what recipes you dont have yet instead of checking each item
- Bug fixes
- Super Slayer Talisman that work for mages
- Tinker runic tools to be able to do Tinker reforging
- A way to see alliance members that are actually online
- Mondains Legacy craftables overhaul. Most of these are useless nowadays
- Bod books usable in your bagpack and in a container in your house or bank
- Give us a way to see when a pets power hour is or just reset it with server down
- A book for repair deeds
- Let us be able to imbue spellbooks
- Some recipes to convert minor artifacts in better ones like the doom recipes and/or more of those doom recipes


- An upgrade or alternative for the UO Assist to make classic client more comparable to the enhanced client
- A way to take care of cheater
- Some kind of wagon, where you can take someone for a ride (good if people dont know the way to a place )
- Pet powerscrolls to revitalize Felucca
- Rewardable PvP (some kind of hourly or constantly arena fights, where you sign in and get a random enemy. Then you get points for losing but more for winning. And these points you can turn in for useful things.) (Just some kind of idea for rewardable pvp)
- Old ToT event with the old ToT dyes
- Something to get back your training points for your pet so you can revert a mistake you made.
- Some kind of house search to find items
- Luck overhaul, because too many mysteries about it are around so we need a clean new start for it ;-)

I probably missed a lot of points, but at least some I wrote down here


  • I started to copy and paste the ones that I agreed with and had to stop. There's just too many. While there's a few I disagree with, I'd gladly take them if it meant the other changes would be made.
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