Is the Origin store down?

I finally decided to get the High Seas Booster Pack, so I went to the Origin store to buy it.  I get to the point where the [Buy Now - $14.99] button is and click it.  For about a minute the "wait" cursor spins, then it times out with a Whoops! message saying they could not process my request.  It goes on to say the I should check my order history to see if the order went thru anyway.  However, there is no link I could find to any such place.

Are other people having problem with the store?  It seems like the few times I have gone there to buy stuff there has always been one problem or another.  Is this where I'm supposed to say, "Shut up and take my money?"
Rock (formerly Imperterritus VXt, Baja)


  • BilboBilbo Posts: 2,834
    clear out cookies and give it another try, other than that I have no clue.
  • SkettSkett Posts: 1,397
    I usual get a pop up confirming purchase and credit card 
    maybe check if pop up is blocked 
  • RockRock Posts: 567
    I was using Firefox.  I allowed to show pop-ups, but it didn't help.  Then I tried accessing with Chrome, and everything worked.  Thanks for ideas.
    Rock (formerly Imperterritus VXt, Baja)
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