Is the commodity vendor crazy?

There is a commodity vendor in Magincia who may be crazy or suffering from mis-typitus.  He is offering 500gp for a quite easily obtainable item.  I tested it by selling him 100 of them, and sure enough, I got 50,000gp.  I'm being intentionally vague because he is offering to buy tens of thousands of them, and I don't want folks to take absurd advantage of him in case it was a typo.  The other possibility is that there is a way I don't understand where he will earn more than the 500 back for each item.  Suffice it to say, if I wanted to, I could get 2 mil right now.

While there is a demand for such item, 500gp each is sort of crazy when 20 minutes of easy hunting can get you a hundred of them.  I know it is hard to answer with information provided, but it might be a typo.  Other commodities he buys are at sane values.  Should I sell lots more to him, or hope the player who set him up notices?
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  • GraceGrace Posts: 148
    By your math though, 20 minutes would get you 50k gold.

    Wealthy players, not I, scoff at such numbers. 

    The vendors that buy those things for don't think getting those
    resources themselves is worth it. 

    And new/returning/adventurer players see instant gold by selling. 

    I see a good deal on them sometimes and sell if I have a lot of 
    a resource to spare. 

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