Nujel'm Moongate

In Trammel, a Nujel'm moongate exists to the far north, past the craft shops.  Felucca Nujel'm has no moongate unless it is in another little accessed spot.  Is there a reason Felucca does not have one?  I don't think it was always present in Trammel, but when one was added there, it seems strange that a corresponding one would not have been added to Felucca Nujel'm.

BTW, the spelling of "Nujel'm", with its apostrophe, seems consistent, as one would expect for the shortened version of "New Jhelom".  Well, consistent except when marking runes, where it is apparently mispelled as "Nujelm".
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  • DryzzidDryzzid Posts: 80
    Nujel'm didn't have a moongate at release. I wasn't even sure if all shards had one in Tram, I just knew Atlantic did.
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  • RockRock Posts: 567
    @Dryzzid I don't know if a Nujel'm moongate is on all shards.  My reference for the post is the Origin shard.
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