glitch in EC Target by Resource function?

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A miner goes out to mine.  She typically uses the Target by Resource capability of EC, having told it she wants to use shovels.  It usually works great, allowing a single click to dig up ore and put it in her pack.  But in a large number of cases, it fails with the message, "You cannot see that location."  Note this is a different circumstance to the normal out-of-ore message, "There is no metal here to mine."

When she gets the "cannot see" message, most of the time she can click her shovel directly, click the mountain wall, and she gets ore.  So in that case she mines manually once, then uses an all-purpose EC macro I call LOCTL:
Last Object
Cursor Target Last
It also works well, but it is less convenient.  For example, if she uses her fire beetle to smelt before a spot has run out of ore, then the LOCTL macro needs to be set up again for a mining action.

So, is there a glitch in Target by Resource which sometimes disables its ability to sense ore?  Or is there some methodology I don't know to have it work every time she is in range of ore?
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