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I noticed the general thread was locked, but there are other things within this pub to discuss other than IDOC.

Classic Client
  • Wandering healers can now be seen on the radar when a player is dead.
Nice QOL for the blue, but do the Mondain Priests also show up in the radar for the Red-player in Fel - as a red ankh? Or is it only for positive karma players (ie: blue)?  


  • Since y'all are tweaking the vendor search, is there a way to search _only_ Felucca vendors? It would be a boon to be able to eliminate all the Trammel vendors, and help boost those that have vendors in Fel - there are plenty.
  • And since you are tweaking containers, can you fix the "Large Containers" view in CC - some container will do it, some won't. Further, is there no such viewing capability for the EC?
  • And talking 'bout containers, the new chests still have a rather limited area for "holding" things, despite large gumps or small...

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