Lady Milin's Bunny Bash (Player Run Event)

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Hello All,

         I have received an overnight dispatch from Lady Milin describing the All Shard Event that will be held on Thursday April 9th, 2020 at 8 pm EST. It will be held at the large Skara Wheat Field at coordinates 47o 32' S 35o 47' W.

The Following is directly from the Dispatch:

         " Welcome to the Bunny Bush! Get in your best Easter Costume and bring your sword, bow, or spellbook! This is an open event to all people no matter what land you call home. There will be prizes donated by Lady Milin and the Paxlair Alliance.
         The following is a list of rules in order to try and make the event as fair as possible for both older and newer players:
#1 There is to be no AOE spells of any type.
#2 There is to be no Summons. (Ellys, Reapers, Rising Colossus, etc.)
#3 No Pets!
#4 All players must be on foot! No riding ethereals!
#5 In order to be eligible for prizes, you cannot leave once you enter the field of play.
#6 Thorns will be provided and we ask that you plant them as soon as you are able.
#7 There will be referees on the field that will disqualify violators.
#8 Prizes will be awarded on the field.

             By now you have guesses we will be bashing vorpal bunnies! Please know your target and HAPPY HUNTING!

Lady Milin

P.S. Many of you may remember me as Governor of Minoc, but I am no longer a governor. Therefore, this is not a governor's event just a Player Run Event. Thank You."

End Dispatch

If there are any rule changes or additions before the event, I will post them underneath since you only get an hour to edit these post. (At least as far as I have figured out.)
Thank you and hope to see you there!

Lady Marge,
"involuntarie wurker sekratarie to all"



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