Is there a correlation between imbuing difficulty and enhancement success?

I've been using a rule for deciding whether to enhance an item.  If the enhancement would bring the item to above 5 properties, don't even try.  The rule is based on imbuing, where a maximum of 5 properties can be applied to an item.  It doesn't always work; enhancement can still fail catastrophically if the end result would have been 5 or less properties.  But it is a sanity check if nothing else.

I'm wondering if my rule can be fine-tuned.  Lets say I want to enhance a sword with gold.  The looted sword already has 3 properties.  The gold would add 40 luck and lower requirements by 50%.  That would be 5 properties total.  At 86.5 skill, my imbuer has 0 chance of adding any new properties, but he sees the total property weight is currently 280/450.  Can my blacksmith use this knowledge to decide there is room for the golden enhancement?
Rock (formerly Imperterritus VXt, Baja)


  • Yeah, your rule runs into a lot of problems.  Specifically if you're talking about luck.  iirc, if it's over ...130 and you try to enhance with gold/spined it is an automatic fail, regardless of how few properties it is, this applies to a couple of other things as well.  I'm at work, will take a look at my spreadsheets when I get home to further clarify.
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