How things have change since 1999, Mobile UO on Yoga C630

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I was alittle weary when I found this interesting computer i never seen before, it runs a SnapDragon 850 but runs windows 10. No one left reviews saying if it could play any games or not, so I took a risk, I really wanted to be able to play UO where ever I got cell service. From the reviews of the computer they all said it couldnt do games. Anyways I bought it, and sat outside bestbuy downloading UO to make sure haha. Sure enough this computer with a Snapdragon 850 runs Enchanced Client UO really well at 1080. 

How things have changed since 1999, haha i remember it barely worked on my pc, and for years I didnt ever realize you lost stamina running because my dial up wouldn't let me run full speed. Now I can play on this tiny pc, in the middle of the woods, with no skips or lag, very impressive. Considering the 850 snapdragon isnt even as fast as my cell phone cpu the 855 note 10 plus. Then add in the s20 have even faster snapdragons lol. Shame none of the phones or tablets have a option to install windows 10. 

 I found it at best buy open box for 320, was specifically looking for a laptop for UO, and this was the cheapest with a 1080p IPS screen. 

Just thought I would share, I was always interested in mobile UO, but I didnt know they made a cell phone PC basically that uses windows 10.  That puts to rest about cell phones not being powerful enough to run ulitma online, since this laptop is basically a old snap dragon 845 and it runs UO fine, with running youtube and all the windows programs. Also considering that this laptop cant run windows x86 programs natively it uses some kind of emulation, I dono much about that though other than it is not native. So if UO rewrote the enchanced client in arm 64 it would work even better, and would 100 percent work on any modern Cell phone or tablet, which all the phones I have owned over the last 4 years and tablets allowed you to hook a mouse up to it. 


  • Been playing on a first gen surface for ages now, lost hope in a cell after the death of windows phone ventures.  Cool to hear.  Don't mind the surface with hotspotted internet. 
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    Currently playing UO on a Dell Inspiron 11-3168 (netbook) from a Seagate tera-drive via USB 3.0 because there is no room on the netbook's internal drive (I got the stripped down $250 model - got it strictly to run marketing presentations - not for gameplay).

    I can do both CC and EC at the same time (altho CC runs better because EC's graphics suck ram) with minimal glitchiness over wifi hotspots in airports.

    Technology never fails to impress.
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