Yew Navy and Company of Archers

Commissioned by The Governor of Yew, Glorfindel.
Loyal to King Blackthorn and The Council

Headquarters: Empath Abbey

Purpose: The mission of the Yew Navy is to maintain the freedom of the seas and deterring of any aggressions. It also will be involved in all maritime conflicts that effect the Council and the Crown of Britannia. The Company of Archers faction of the Yew Navy will act as the Guardians of the Forest, woodsmen, trackers, knights, druids and Scouts. The Yew Navy and Company of Archers is open to all citizens of Yew. 


Admiral of Yew(1)
Captain of Yew(1)
Lieutenant of Yew
Guardian of Yew

Nobility and Citizen Titles of Yew (suggestions can be taken)

Royal Prefect of Yew(1)
Spirit of Yew
Woodsman of Yew
Tracker of Yew
Protector of Yew
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