Sonoma Tower of Sorcery (Trammel)

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Dear Mesanna

I have the good fortune to be a governor on Sonoma, Moonglow for sometime.  Back in 2005 we were blessed when gifted the Tower of Sorcery.  You have visited this tower when you replaced our lost stable master sea dragon, your puppy still guards it.  And recently we have petition you to replace the lost Banker (Mongbat), the lost innkeeper (Undead) and the lost Fisher (human).

But I was told at our last Governor meeting that they would not be replaced.  That you denied our request, stated there was not enough activity in the tower.  Now how can you justify that reply, there is no activity at the tower because there is no Banker, no Inn Keeper,  no Fisher.  People have quit using the tower for those reasons, hence no activity.

The tower is owned by Broadsword, you are Broadsword, therefore you are the owner of this tower.  It says Sonoma on the house sign, but Broadsword is still the one and only true owner.

And I am asking that you please change your mind and return those kidnaped NPCs   I say kidnaped as that is what happen, they were there before the Publication, then gone after the Publication.

The Tower of Sorcery is a part of Sonoma History, and losing those NPCs has killed the traffic that went there.  THB would use the bank, fisher would launch from its docks to fish up SOS or just fish off the docks in the waters there, people could log out upstairs.

I hope you change your mind, but if you do not its not going to kill the game for me, but it will break mine heart to not be able to use the tower as it was plan.

Dezerai, Governor Moonglow
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