Monthly Fishing Contest

Hello Chessy,

          Every month Governor Zoogi of New Magincia holds a fishing contest open to all fishers. The Fish of the Month is determined by the previous month's winner. (The Fish of the Month can also be a crab or lobster.) To enter the contest, simply catch the contest fish and drop it in the Cat mailbox at the front of the New Magincia Auction House. You can either wait til the end of the month and drop in your biggest catch or drop off your biggest from each trip. The fish must be dated for the current contest month and be turned in soon after midnight of the last day of the month. (The Governor usually waits up til midnight to announce the winner.)
            If the contest fish can be found with a Fish Finder, The Governor will pick a night to claim a fish finder and invite all who want to go fishing. The finder will last for 4 hours. If The Governor leaves early, he will hand off the finder and control of his boat. You can bring a packie to keep all the fish you catch or simply let them fall at your feet. A bag is recommended for footwear since they will sometimes block boat movement.
             Once the contest is over, all fish dropped in the mailbox will be returned if you wish. The winning fish will be made into a trophy (if it can) and will hang at the front of the Auction House for the next month. Once the next winner is ready to hang, the trophy fish will be given back to the owner. Often, if the contest fish is one of the harder to catch (think Dungeon Pike or Lantern Fish), The Governor or another Donor will donate a cash prize. Every month I will bump this post with the new fish and the winner. (The Governor also does this on Stratics.) Hope to see a full mailbox!

Lady Marge
"inbolintarie wurker sekartarie" to all


  • MargeMarge Posts: 722
    The Fish for the month of February 2020 is the Stone Fish found in the waters of the Lost Lands.
    The winner for January's Stone Crab Contest was me with a 138 stone crab.

    Good luck Anglers.
  • MargeMarge Posts: 722
    Seems no one was able to catch a stone fish this past month. So Governor Zoogi has chosen the fish for March. The reaper fish deep in Doom!

    Since there was no winner last month, the Governor is offering cash prizes this month.
    3 million gold to First Place
    2 million gold to Second Place
    1 million gold to Third Place

    I do believe he (she? who can tell with goblins!) will also one night use a gold skull to cross any willing anglers to the other shore. Keep an eye out in general chat.

    Good Luck Anglers!
  • MargeMarge Posts: 722
    I've been slackin!

    I won June's contest of the Unicorn fish with a 161 stone fish. Xavier came in second with a 122 stone fish. And in third place was Grob with a 36 stone fish. (Yes, only 3 were turned in.)

    The results were not even the most important thing to come out of this month's contest. It seems that the Rainbow Fish is real! Yes Virginia, there is a Rainbow Fish! If fact, in the most amazing HOUR of fishing ever, I pulled 3 (YES 3!!!) rainbow fish. I sorry for the bragging but I have been trying to catch that stupid fish since High Seas came out! Dungeon Pike - I'm coming for you next!

    For the month of July, I have chosen the Red Herring that can be found in the underworld. It's one of the easier ones to catch so we should have quite a few this month. Good Luck finding the big one!
  • MargeMarge Posts: 722
    Oops! Forgot August - it was the Giant Koi of Tokuno. Dieb won with a 173 stone fish. Perdition came in last place - err second place-- with a 73 stone fish.

    Dieb has donated another 5 mil gold for September. Since he won August, he did not accept his own gold but will roll it over to September. For September there is a 10 million gold Grand Prize for catching the largest Zombie Fish!

    This is caught in the waters of Gravewater Lake in Malas - in the desert close to Umbra. You will only occasional run across a scorpion or a vampire bat near the lake. It is a legendary fish. Good time passer while awaiting the start of anniversary events! Hope to see the auction house leaning to one side weighed down by fish!
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