Weekly Shadowguard (Roof) Run

Hello Chessy,
        Every week, PaxLair holds a Roof Run on Mondays at 8:30pm Est. All are welcome but you must have Time of Legends in order to enter the area. We group up and enter right at 8:30pm; we ask everyone to have the rooms done ahead of this time. (Everyone in the party must have all rooms done to enter the main Boss room. You stay keyed until you complete the bosses no matter how long that may be between keying and completing.) There is usually always someone there well ahead of time willing to help you get the rooms done. Also, at any time during the week, you can call out in Gen Chat and someone is usually always willing to help. (I am on later in the evenings and can help then.) If you have never done Shadowguard, just let us know and we can explain everything as we go.
         We have been having two groups going in to the boss rooms. We try to split the groups evenly among the toon types there. We will also try to keep you in a group with anyone you play with regularly - Ex. NANOC and Phoenix. I will party the first group up and once we go in Zoogi will party up the remaining players and go. Once a month, the Monthly Net Toss and Roof Run collide. We simply go to the roof after we finish annihilating Scalis from the shores of Pitmuck. Hope to see you there!

Lady Marge
"inbolintarie wurker sekartarie" to all

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