The Rebel In Red Lady Angel Marched To Governors Meeting By Royal Guards!!

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For those of you that could not attend the meeting last night here's the surprise we had in store for Lady Angel. Many thanks to all who made this happen but specially to Angel who truly made it all happen.

Baja magic.

With great respect and admiration.


King Blackthorn approaches the Royal Guards at his Bridge.

King Blackthorn: Please... Escort Angel into my chambers guardsmen!
King Blackthorn: *salutes*
Infinity: *Salutes King Blackthorn*
Laura: *salutes*

King Blackthorn turns and walks back to his castle.

Lady Angel arrives.

Laura: Angel please follow Infinity
Angel: chains??
Angel: I am in chains???
Infinity: noooooo
Infinity: we follow the King's orders
Dagny Taggart: just wait
Dagny Taggart: onward

Inside the Chamber.

King Blackthorn: Greetings everyone!

Royal Fool: For his Highness
Rosy Roundbottom: *grins*
Amber Witch: greetings
King Blackthorn: *salutes*
Das Dreadstink: aarp
Rosy Roundbottom: *salute*
Lonejaw: king blackthorn? I’ve obviously been away too long
Rosy Roundbottom: aarp
King Blackthorn: Before we begin out meeting tonight, I have a special announcement!
King Blackthorn: *smiles*
Stubby Lubrump: Yooz makin mez king? Yooz shoodn hab

Through the Chamber door comes Lady Angel, the Rebel in Red, surrounded by the Royal Guards. They stop at the table in front of the King. The King stands, walks around to the front of the table and is joined by the Governors and the Citizens.

King Blackthorn: *salutes*
Infinity: *Salutes King Blackthorn*
Infinity: M'Lord, I present to you as requested the Lady known as The Rebel in Red, The Lady Angel.
King Blackthorn: *salutes Royal Guardsmen*
Angel: *gulps*
Angel: can ye remove these chains now?
King Blackthorn: *chuckles*
King Blackthorn: Angel, please step forward to the table
Laura: *wiggles bardiche*
Angel: Sire
Angel: umm
King Blackthorn: Guardsmen, thank you for your fine escort!
Stubby Lubrump: EXERCYOOT ER!!!!
Royal Fool: Move over deary
Angel: *gulps*
Rosy Roundbottom: all dis mobing around
King Blackthorn: Angel, through your generosity, loving and kind nature...
Dagny Taggart: *giggles*
King Blackthorn: The Holidays in Britannia could not have happened.
Myrddin Wyllt: *leans against stave*
King Blackthorn: You put forth such great work and hardships...
Angel: I wan't alone Sire
Myrddin Wyllt: *removes pipe, blowing a single perfect smoke ring...*
King Blackthorn: Working in not one, but all of the cities to donate and work on building the Holiday Trees to what they were!

Working in not onejpg

Dagny Taggart: Aye, she did
Angel: *wipes sweat from brow*
Dagny Taggart: *soft smile*
King Blackthorn: Not only am I honored and proud of you, but everyone present here this evening is as well!

Angel Thanked by the King and Governorsjpg

Dagny Taggart: *whispers* see, you're not gonna die
King Blackthorn: We would like to present you with this plaque for your hard work!
King Blackthorn: *smiles*
Angel: *blushes* It was an honor
Royal Fool: Hip Hip For Angel
Angel: oh my gosh!
Dagny Taggart: *claps and whistles*
Sally: *Claps*
King Blackthorn: Cheers for Angel!
Angel: It's gorgeous!
Dagny Taggart: YEE HAW!!!!!!!!!!!
Amber Witch: *claps*
Val: nice work Angel =]
King Blackthorn: *claps*
WildStar: *claps*
Rosy Roundbottom: *claps*
Stubby Lubrump: Yay!!! *claps*
Das Dreadstink: *claps*
Amber Witch: Yay!
Crazy Diamond: yay Angel
Xelious Norwood: woot woot
Amber Witch: *claps*
Amber Witch: *claps*
Amber Witch: *claps*
Infinity: *claps*
Angel: *tears roll down cheeks*
Xelious Norwood: great job
Lonejaw: i wasnt here for the holidays, but good on ya
Angel: thank you
Dagny Taggart: *cheers*
Amber Witch: *claps*
Dagny Taggart: *cheers*
Dagny Taggart: *cheers*
Royal Fool: Hip Hip For Angel
Dagny Taggart: *cheers*
Dagny Taggart: *cheers*
Royal Fool: Hip Hip For Angel
King Blackthorn: Many many thanks Angel!
WildStar: You are one of the gems of Baja Angel
Rosy Roundbottom: yerg
Infinity: *Salutes Lady Angel*
Laura: (Please take the items Angel)
Dagny Taggart: aye
Laura: *salutes*
Crazy Diamond: congrats Angel!!
Dagny Taggart: we honor you
Xelious Norwood: speech!
Laura: I honor thee
King Blackthorn: *smiles*
Eberk Veit'Keln: i must consider my sins
Dagny Taggart: she is speechless
SneakyNeedzKneez: hoorayz Angel
Angel: i don't know what to say
Dagny Taggart: lolol
Amber Witch: hahah
King Blackthorn: Please take your plaque
Amber Witch: for once she's speechless
King Blackthorn: *smiles*
Das Dreadstink: take da sign befour it poofs!
Dagny Taggart: LOL
Xelious Norwood: lol
Dagny Taggart: and not being spanked or whipped to work
Angel: * need a tissue*
Laura: I honor thee
King Blackthorn: Many thanks to our Royal Guardsmen!
Amber Witch: Are there any Governors that wish to speak?
King Blackthorn: I hope they did not scare you!
King Blackthorn: *chuckles*
Laura: Many thanks to the crafters!
Angel: I will hang this proudly in my home
Dagny Taggart: Oh, we did! purposely
King Blackthorn: *smiles*
King Blackthorn: Guardsmen, you are dismissed
King Blackthorn: *salutes*
Royal Fool: hear that?
Laura: *salutes*
Royal Fool: go away
Dagny Taggart: *salutes*
Crazy Diamond: lol
Infinity: *Salutes King Blackthorn*
Angel: *curtsies*
King Blackthorn: *smiles*
Xelious Norwood: speaking for Vesper
Xelious Norwood: you really are an Angel
Dagny Taggart: *one finger salutes the Royal Fool*
King Blackthorn: Now then!
King Blackthorn: Let us return to our seats!
King Blackthorn: *smiles*
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