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I was wondering, what do I need to be doing to raise taming from 90 to 100? ( no scroll yet)

also for magery 90 to 100.

Both of these I played all night, but barely got any gains. I was taming great harts and those weird eoni beast on tokuno islands, for 3 hours I got .3 taming. I must be doing something wrong.

For magery I was casting circle 8 spells, but only got .1 magery in 3 hours.


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    Magery is best trained holding a -29 mage weapon and getting yourself discorded.  You can get all the way to GM skill casting Bless and Greater Heal.  Your chance to gain on each spell isn't higher this way, but you get to cast way more spells so you will get gains more quicker.  This is quite boring, but it is the fastest way to gain.  For just trying to gain playing the game you should be able to gain to GM using a combination of Flamestrike and Energy Vortex as you hunt.

    For Animal Taming, the mastery really is the way to go.  You can't realistically hunt anything when you are constantly releasing a pet and retaming a new one.  Even a level 1 taming mastery will allow you to use the combat mastery on your pet and then cancel the selection to get gains.  this uses your mana, but can be done while you pet is tanking mobs or skill training itself.  My suggestion would be to get some taming jewelry to cap you out so you can tame/control a pet like a lesser hiryu (get one with high physical resist) and a level 1 taming mastery.  Then use it to hunt other lesser hiryus.  Keeping your pet alive will be good practice as a tamer.  As you hunt, use the whispering and combat masteries to get taming gains as you play and you can bank a little gold while your at it.
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  • Thank you Merus and Mariah. I'm at 91 taming now so that chart helped. Ill be picking up the expansion that gives masteries as well. 
  • i cant find a primer lvl 1 on atlantic. 
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    monkgamer said:
    i cant find a primer lvl 1 on atlantic. 
    I bought you a 2 primer but you have to get it before tonight.  
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    oh crickey thank you. im playing now
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    Luna stables sir
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    For magery cast bless, greater heal on yourself, dispel field on yourself, dispel on yourself, mass dispel on yourself, then summon earth elemental + mass dispel as your skill increases.

    If you use the EC you can make a macro using the built in macro system to use the LastSpell + Delay actions many times.  A text editor makes it easy to copy / paste the macro's actions. 

    I have reached GM in as little as a day and half doing the above.

  • thanks so much urge. you are awesome 
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    monkgamer said:
    thanks so much urge. you are awesome 
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