New Player 2020 what do you wish you knew?

Hey guys! I put off trying this game for a very long time. I started in the genre with Shadowbane. Made my first character last week and I am very impressed with the game and community. The game is pretty complex with 20+ years of content and items etc.

There are also little tips and tricks, learned things you do in games over the years. I wanted to know what a new player to Ultima Online should know that isn't obvious. Any great tips and tricks to a newb starting out? I'm currently playing a Chivalry melee fighter for my first character. Thing I've learned as a new payer I wish I had known:

Gargoyle race has specific gear, it's not so easy to find starting out on New Haven. You can find it on vendor search or Shame dungeon.

I would love to hear what veteran players do with new characters or in game as habit that new players wouldn't know. Cheers!



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    Make a Tamer.

    Find group to do hunts with.
    Focus on what you can do, not what you can't.
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    Get a Lower Reagent Cost suite, a full spell book, and make a mage. Using the EC write a macro using the "Cast Last Spell with target self" and "Delay" actions. Manually edit the character's config file, copy and past the macro's contents 100 times, save it. Restart the client. Cast Bless on your self then run the macro. When Bless gets to 60% success change to Greater Heal. When GH gets to 60% change to Dispel Field, then Dispel, then Mass Dispel, then Earth Quake (or modify the macro to cast Summon Earth Elemental, then Delay, then cast Mass Dispel with target self, then Delay).
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    Would also love to know for instance. What a experienced player does when they log in and go do the things. Like are there certain foods/buff items or certain things you can do to fully buff?
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    For foods you will want orange petals for poison protection (lasts 5 minutes) and enchanted apples for curse removal once you've been cursed.

    If you are a mage you will want to cast Protection to make sure your spell casting is not disturbed if you are under attack.  It will stay active until it is cast again, death, or someone / something uses a ward remover on you.

    If you have an non-ethereal mount you should get into the habit of feeding it every time you log in to avoid forgetting to feed it and it going wild after a week.
  • Two things:

    Log in with one character, arrange your screen the way you want it. Set-up all your basic hot-bars. 

    Log Out.

    Go to that character's folder. Copy the contents of the folder to a basic .txt file. Name it something like BaseUISetup.txt.

    Now, whenever you create a new character, you can just log out and copy the contents of BaseUISetup.txt to the new characters folder. The new characters screen will be completely setup on the next login. No need to drag UI elements all over the place for each character.

    Use the same process to setup a basic set of macro's in a BaseMacro.txt file. Copy and paste for all new characters. You can do this for a basic Magery set of macros, a Paladin set, a Mining set, etc. Saves tons of time for setting up things on new characters (Or switching/reinstalling computers.)
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    Ignore forum personalities. 
    Stay away from the drama.

    Follow that, and you will enjoy the game. :)
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    But nice to know your forum personalities.  Three of the commenters on this thread play on Pacific.

  • KirthagKirthag Posts: 541
    TimSt said:

    But nice to know your forum personalities.  Three of the commenters on this thread play on Pacific.

    Four. ;)

    We sure do hope to help people, we do.

    Back to topic; if I knew then what I know now, I never would have responded to things on the forums (official or fansites) to certain personalities. Is just not worth the headaches. So to the OP, if you find out you're being baited on the forum, just ignore it - that is more in line with what I mean.

    Oh, and one more thing I'd change from then to now, I would have never broken my RP character... sometimes I regret doing that, sometimes I don't mind that I post OOC. There are times I think to start a new RP character, but it just wouldn't be the same.

    So much has changed since 1997 with respect to "Role Playing" in a video game and just playing it. The internet was much younger then though, so I suppose it should change.
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