Can we start getting timeframes for things?

I've noticed that there is hardly ever any specification as to when temporary content ends.  Things like:
When does the Artisan Festival end?
When does Krampus end?
When do the shrine battles end?  
I know in the case of the list above that 2 of these have ended already, but were we informed as to when?  Doesn't seem like it.  Every patch that has content that is of limited time seems to never really specify when certain things end (or even start in some cases, like pet whistle availability).

Were we told when Krampus would end?  Nope.  Had to dig into a forum thread to find that.  That isn't how subscribers to the game should be informed of things like this.

Its a really easy thing to ask for.  Can we get more information as to what the timeframes are for things like this going forward?  Thank you.


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    I think the devs tend to forget that we do get new people who dunno about these recurring events that have run for years and years. Having a calendar or quick-link-access to the wiki (maybe post a link to the wiki page about an event in the release notes) would be an idea?

    The Artisan Festival information is all there... just needs a wee bit of clarification for the end (This year ended Jan. 4 when the Yew tree popped).
    Krampus ends with the Artisan festival, yes?

    Story arcs and such end/blend with each publish (which is what the Shrine Battles and Blackthron's dungeon are tied to).
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    Carefull @Bilbo they removed my post, because I said the same thing, i guess use the word Soon on UO is ilegal or offensive.
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    Mordred said:
    Carefull @ Bilbo they removed my post, because I said the same thing, i guess use the word Soon on UO is ilegal or offensive.
    Careful @Mordred they removed my post because I said "careful they remove posts for this"
    Just a troll who got told by lesser trolls (moderator classification)
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    Both of those posts were removed and the reason given in private message. Any further mentions of such in public forums will be removed. Please refer to Rule 14 of the terms of service.
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