January Event Schedule

EM XanthusEM Xanthus Posts: 73Event Moderator
Greetings Oceania!

The Event Schedule for January is as follows:

January 12th: Governors Meeting @ 10PM AEDT
January 19th: Night of the living dead Event @ 8:30PM AEDT
January 19th: EM Meet and Greet @ 10PM AEDT


  • TynkTynk Posts: 42
    Nice to meet you this morning, looking forward to the events :)
  • MissEMissE Posts: 782
    edited January 2020
    Howdy, what happened to EM Obsidian? 

    And pretty typical the one week I am away is when our activities start again lol.

    Cheers MissE

    For more info about Angelwood Warehouse Events go to the A.W.E Forum
  • EM XanthusEM Xanthus Posts: 73Event Moderator
    Nothing has happened to EM Obsidian. He is around helping players create more death robes!
  • DonjuanDonjuan Posts: 10
    EM Xanthus welcome to oceania

  • Cat134Cat134 Posts: 23
    Welcome to Oceania  :)
  • JuztmeJuztme Posts: 4
    edited January 2020
    Welcome  :)
    Please tell Sid we miss him already and to come home :( cause hes a rockstar!!!!
    new EM's carrying  donuts  to share  are also most welcome ;)
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