Pacific - you are AWESOME!!!

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With hard work and hutzpah... Pacific got a star on the Yew tree in less than 12 hours!!!
We got the Charlie Brown tree around 10am east-coast time, and now at 8:22pm THE SAME DAY the Yew tree got its star!!!

Our very own resident fairy, Tinkerbell, dropped the BOD for that star.

So many people contributed to make this happen.

Some of us with extra BODs are giving them away so everyone can have a gift when the presents pop!



  • A little bit late replying but, 


    A lot of people stepped up and filled BODs or donated materials and unfilled BODs.

    Just made the rounds

    Britain; ornaments
    Jhleom; ornaments
    Minoc; Star
    Moonglow; ornaments
    New Mag; Star
    Skara Brae; ornaments
    Trinsic; Star
    Vesper; ornaments
    Yew; Star

    Every tree in the Artisan Festival achieved ornaments with four towns getting a Star too.

    Very nice job Pacific!
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